Alumni” is a generic term that describes all those who have spent time studying at a particular College. It is a lifetime relationship with continued interest, interaction and involvement with one’s Alma mater. Alumni stand strong to prove the success of the college, and its efforts.  

Alumni association of Shree Saraswati  College was started with a motive of bringing together all the Alumni and share their experiences they faced outside the college and also extend their helping hands from all aspects for the budding graduates to be  of the college.

 A database for the alumni has been created, which will be constantly upgraded. This effort was initiated with the view to keep alive, the interaction between the alumni, so that, the alumni may, learn the where about of their batch mates. This also helps in identifying potential among alumni who may, if willing, contribute useful service to the College. The alumni association thus acts as a platform to share views and experience, on common interests.

All the outgoing students of Shree Saraswati  College every year are welcomed into Shree Saraswati  College Alumni’s fold. Their presence in the association helps to promote personal relationship and thereby improving public relations.  Alumni of Shree Saraswati  College  are requested to join the face book (……)so that they can share their ideas through face book.