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One Week Faculty Development Program on 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Non-Programmers

6th to 11th Feb 2023 (Monday to Saturday)




Department of Lifelong Learning and Extensions

Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati


Hon'ble Shri. Sharad Shinde,

Chairman, Sadhana Shikshan Mandal

Hon'ble Mrs. Sadhana Shinde,

Secretory, Sadhana Shikshan Mandal


Dr. Santosh Bothe,

Principal, Saraswati College, Shegaon

Dr. Shrikant Patil,

Director, Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension, SGBAU, Amravati


Prof. Dr. Dhananjay S. Deshpande,

Head, Department of MCA

Prof. Pravin Kumar Ramtekkar

Head, Department of BCA

Prof. Dr. Meghna Khatri

Head, Department of BBA


The global industry is now in the phase of industry 4.0, and the IT industry is playing a significant role in this era of industry 4.0.  The high technological development and emerging technologies are causing a deep impact on various IT Industry domains like cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain Technology etc.       Teachers play a vital role in the career development of students; they need to provide equal opportunities to all kinds of students with programming and non-programming backgrounds.  So, we are exploring the Machine Learning domain for non-programmers. This course provides an opportunity for teachers and students with ideas about basic computer concepts, operating computers, and non-programming backgrounds. To access AI/ML from basics to practical-oriented knowledge and explore more in it. Students from non-programming backgrounds can have better career opportunities in the AI/ML domain.  This Faculty Development Program has been designed to train teachers in this domain and explore more opportunities for students.  This FDP will be conducted by using a cloud platform, and it includes Theory, hands-on practice sessions, group activities and group projects.  This program has been designed in line with NEP 2020 and NHEQF of UGC.

  • To understand machine learning step by step

  • To preprocess the data and make it available to the ML model

  • To develop the machine learning model for solving various real-life problems.

  • To deploy the trained machine learning models on their loud platform to be licensed to end users.

Who can participate? 

The faculties, staff, PhD. Scholars and PG Students; those having computer operating knowledge and basic computer-related skills. (No Programming Skill Required.)


Number of Seats - 60

(First Come First Serve Basis)


(For Accommodation)

For details contact: 
Prof. Bhushan Rathi +91 9766747661/ Prof. Sushant Vichare 09773254939 / Prof. Rachana Patil 09420795380


  • Prof. Dr. Santosh Bothe, MSc. M.Tech., Ph.D (Comp. Sci.)

  • Prof. Pravin Kumar Ramtekkar, MSc., M.Tech. Ph.D (Pursuing)

  • Prof. Dr. Priti Kale, ME, PhD. (CSE)

  • Prof. Deepavali Patil, ME. (CSE)

  • Prof. Dr. Dhananjay S. Deshpande, MCA, M.Phil. -IT, Ph.D.

  • Prof. Akshay LaheME (CSE) , Ph.D (Pursuing),

  • Prof. Bhushan Rathi, MCA, LLB.

  • Prof. Vidur Sharma, MCA



Sadhana Shikshan Mandal’s Saraswati College, Shegaon, is an affiliated institute to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, now in its 13th year, is one of the top institutes in Maharashtra from Vidarbha region.   We facilitate computer and management stream education of the highest standard.  The Saraswati College seeks to impart IT knowledge through innovative, interactive, and adaptable teaching-learning methodologies.  We promote project-based and experiential learning to the students. 


The Saraswati College is an ideal model of technology and education to boost an innovative educational environment and learning experiences.  With the vision to provide value-based quality education in technology and management domains, we aim to foster creativity and empowerment of students to serve the global society at large.  We offer BBA, BCA, and MCA programmes under Technology and Management stream. The Saraswati College graduates are hired by prominent organisations such as Tata, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Axis Bank, ICEICO, Toppr, smartData, etc


Shegaon is a city and municipal council in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra. Shegaon has become a pilgrimage centre due to piety  of Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj.  Shegaon is mainly known for the arrival of a bounteous, pious and noblest holy figure, i.e., Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj and his holy stay.  Also, in some historical evidence, it is known that Shrungmuni established this town in ancient times and was known as Shrung Gaon. The famous temple of Lord Shiva in this town also gave it recognition as Shivgaon. Which later on, Shivgaon became Shegaon. There might be a few legends about Shegaon, but undoubtedly, it has a unique importance and identity. One holy incarnation – Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj landed in Shegaon and changed the gloomy picture of this hamlet with his miracles. He showered blessings on the morose people and gave them a taste of prosperity, spirituality and a path to a meaningful life. Thus, this small village in the dark corners of Buldhana district emerged as one of the happiest places with spiritual touch in Maharastra.




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