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Research and Development Committee


“Ideate, Invent, and Innovate propositions with enduring value to ecosystems” 


  • To inculcate a research-oriented approach to the future generation through research, scholarship, education, preservation, and excellent academic practice that can serve all sectors of society. 

  • To carry out the free exchange of ideas in an ethical, interdependent, and diverse community of faculty, students, and alumni. Objectives 

  • To encourage and promote cutting-edge research based on the proven capabilities and expertise of our faculty and students. 

  • To help facilitate the strengthening of the Institute's research capabilities; proactively promote basic research and monitor the quality of research work done.


  • Identify and develop opportunities for the faculty to engage in research. 

  • Define criteria and modalities for students of to avail research opportunities. 

  • Propose roundtables, conferences, and working groups on a series of thematic areas central to the research work, publication of papers, and reports of the students. 

  • Modalities of accepting, reviewing, and benchmarking research work. 

  • Establish linkages with institutions and universities in India and outside to secure resources to provide facilities to scholars



Research Committee is a committee of the Faculties and Students from the institute. The Committee has the responsibility to promote and motivate students for innovative and research-oriented study, for executive oversight of the Research Strategy within the institute, and to ensure the institute is compliant with external requirements related to research including University and UGC guidelines.


Without limiting the general responsibilities as described above:

  1. To develop and implement the Institute's Research Strategy for motivating students for the innovative approach to the teaching-learning process and research-oriented thought process.

  2. To develop, monitor, and review the Institute's strategic plans for Undergraduate and postgraduate student research.

  3. To plan the strategy for the growth in the research output of the institute and motivate faculties and students for research.

  4. To decide on research output-based incentives for the students and faculties.

  5. To oversee and review the progress being made against the Research Strategy program plans and KPIs delivered through the Research Committee.

  6. To review and monitor the implementation of the Research Strategy and evaluate its impact

  7. To develop, monitor, and review the Institute’s strategic plan for the Global Engagement for Research

  8. To establish such sub-groups as may be required to deliver specific areas of the Committee’s remit.

  9. To provide reports and updates for University Executive Board to receive as required.

  10. To actively consider Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in all decisions made, and, where appropriate, take positive action to ensure that those with protected characteristics or care responsibilities are equally able to participate in activities and initiatives.

1.  Research Committee Formation: Click link for committee details:

2   Frequency of meetings

The Committee will meet quarterly and the Chair shall call additional meetings where necessary.  The Committee shall delegate the activity to sub-groups or committees as appropriate.

3   Reporting and Review

Senate will receive, consider and respond to reports from the Committee on its activities as required.  University Executive Board will receive and note reports from the Committee as required. The effectiveness and membership of the Committee will be reviewed annually.

Research Plan for the Year 2022 – 2023

Activities :

  1. Promote the culture of research among faculty and students

  2. Identify the areas of research excellence

  3. Work to enhance research and creative scholarship

  4. Motivate Faculties for Ph.D. Registration

  5. Motivate faculties for writing research papers as per the plan

  6. Provide additional support in Technology, Infrastructure, Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Sharing, and enhancement for promoting research

  7. Collaboration with other research organizations

  8. Cross-disciplinary research collaboration

Research Committee Agenda (the Year 2022-2023)

  1. Students and Faculties should be motivated for publishing research in their interest areas with the required support.  Every faculty may publish a minimum of one research paper in UGC Care Journal and one research paper at an international conference.

    1. 15 Faculties expected to publish 15 + 15 = 30 Research Papers

  2. Research Grants – Faculties should be motivated for writing research grants from various government and non-government funding bodies. 

  3. Research Committee needs to plan an International Conference

  4. Faculty can motivate interested students for research activities in their respective teaching subjects.

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